The 30 Day Makeover Challenge is the only online decorating challenge that allows you to work with an interior designer in a group setting and makeover any room in your home with proven results in 30 Days!  

Featured in Better Homes & Gardens!

Are you Ready To:
Clearly Define Your Style
(So you stop buying the wrong thing)

Accurately Determine What Your Space Truly Needs
(So you prioritize your real needs, saving you $$) 

Learn the Basic Principals of Design
(So you understand why certain things work) 

Learn Alternative Ways & Places to Shop
(And find cooler, more original well-made items cheaper) 

Simplify & Declutter
(Giving you more time, space & appreciation)

Be a Part of a Community
(Connecting with real women like yourself)


Happy Clients

The class helped me define my style, create better flow and work on some key styling shortfalls. I appreciate that we could all go at our own pace and participate in the Facebook group. It made the experience incredibly personal. Thanks for the wonderful class!
— Katelyn W.
Things in my room had bothered me for years but somehow I just made do and adjusted to the discomfort. It’s a breath of fresh air to walk into my space now and have it feel so much more spacious.
— Natalie M.
Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to decorating my house. I’ve always just been kinda floundering around in the dark before. This challenge has been life altering.
— Whitney F.
I keep getting rid of things and placing things in other rooms. I love it. A whole new home! Thank you!!
— Betsy H.
I’ve worked as a manager at an interior design firm before and always had a natural eye for placement. BUT and this is a big BUT, it was such an eye opener to see your weeks on textures, differing heights and color saturation levels. It was a big Aha! moment for us in how to pull a room together with just the right balance.
— Aubrey Hopkins
I’ve done so much with my place, especially the decluttering. My husband is happy with the new changes. Thank you Baiyina!
— Jeanny C.
Thanks for all your ideas and of course Baiyina for this experience. I am so excited to follow through on my plans and see what happens when I paint. Now that I know the steps/ plan of attack, I hope to capitalize on the momentum and keep moving around my house to other rooms. With spring in the air and my excitement to enhance and optimize our home!
— Tracy F.