Moving towards Bohemian


Working on my latest project has inspired me to make some changes in my own home.  Tending to prefer a minimalist mix of traditional and mid-century modern pieces with lots of white and some color pops, I've admired what the additions of raw woods and patterned fabric have been doing to my space.  Soooo I think I want to transition to a more Bohemian Style.  

That got me thinking...what exactly is a bohemian and what is bohemian style?  A quick look up in the urban dictionary characterizes bohemian in the following ways:

1.  "somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle - they are not hippies because they can have a wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc.  they are usually very creative people"...okay I'm diggin that

2. "someone who tries to live by the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful sounding concepts"...loving that

3. "someone who kinda does their own thing and as a consequence has a kinda weird fashion sense"!  gotta love the urban dictionary

So I'm liking this definition and I do like to consider myself a tastemaker who dances to the beat of my own drum although sometimes I do love the ordinary as well --and I love that about me - yes, I like to watch American Idol -- so what!

Wikipedia talks of "people who live an unconventional, usually artistic lives and who's fashion sense are delightful, precisely because they don't give a hoot for fashion".  I love that.

So what is bohemian style when it comes to interiors?  It tends to be layered, textured, not shy with color - although it can also be translated with neutrals.  There is a casual elegance about it without giving off a sense of formality or tension.  Los Angeles seems to be a city where the boho chic look reigns (among other showier styles like hollywood regency) I think because of our year round beautiful weather and laid back lifestyle which lends itself to a casual no fuss but oh so elegant style...not to mention the city is made up of a whole lot of artists, dreamers and creative doers.  Boho also suggests travel and worldliness and accessories are often of varied styles which lends to the whimsy and looseness of the bohemian interior. The purple sofa pictured below definitely captures the relaxed elegant style.  I also love the intricate mirrors casually propped and the mix of rugs.

So for my place I may just start with a rug...then maybe add some new pillows, switch out the mirror and paint this sweet mid-century cabinet a cheerful color - maybe green.  Since I have a white sofa - my palette is pretty much open...although I do love the idea of reupholstering it in a bold print or a kilim rug.  Here's a quick vision of what I'm thinking.  Add more texture, pattern and plants:


1. Add new ethnic pillows from Etsy

2. My vintage sofa - it works with anything

3. My coffee table from Oly Studio - the dark shell finish is perfect for boho and adds shine

4. A sample of the dark giraffe hide I have on a lounge chair

5. Solange Knowles - I love her boho -chic style

6. My Eames Rocking Chair in yellow fiberglass

7. Add a Vintage Inspired Overdye Rug - I love this one from

8. Add hand carved wooden elements like these African stools

9. More plants!  I like the ones sold at Rolling Greens

So let me know.  Do you like the boho-style?  What does it mean to you?  For more inspiration check out my Moody Bohemian Pinterest Board.