Decorate for Love


If you're single and looking for a serious relationship it's important to take inventory of your home and make sure that it's supportive to bringing in a partner.  

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my closets and dressers filled to capacity? 
  • Do I have nightstands with lamps on both sides of my bed?
  • Can I enter the bed from both sides or is it pushed up against a wall?
  • Do my pets sleep in my bed?
  • Do I have framed photos, momentos and clothing from an ex that I can't part with?
  • Are my bookcases overflowing and filled with books?
  • Do I have one or an odd number of chairs at my dining table?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, you are probably not ready to enter into a serious relationship.  

If you're looking for love you have to make room in your home for another person.  

Our home reveals a great deal about ourselves-- our lifestyle, beliefs, habits and interests, so it's a powerful place to start when we want to create change in our lives.

Take a look around your home and ask yourself - what does this space say about me? Organized? Overwhelmed? Inspired? Lonely? Transient? Joyful? Feminine? Sloppy? Successful?  Now ask yourself if those words describe your ideal mate.  When looking for love we attract what we are, so if you're the type who loves to make lists on all the qualities your man should have, congratulations, you've just made the list of all the qualities you need to start cultivating in yourself.  

Your home doesn't need to be featured in a design magazine to be ready for love.  It needs to make room for a new person (and their belongings), be clean and free from clutter and have seating for two throughout the space.  

If you're a man it's important that your home be clean, organized and have a few comforts like a lamp on a side table next to a sofa, a clean bathroom with nice towels and a bed positioned with nightstands and lamps on either side and good and complete bedding.  If you want help selecting these things grab a female friend or call me and we'll go shopping.  For women, one comfortable lounge chair - like the Eames Lounger will be your best friend when your date becomes your boyfriend.  Just visualize how you would share the space with another and then invest in those things you'd need to offer comfort to them.  

A stylish man-friendly lounge chair and ottoman, like the Eames Lounger, can be a good investment for single ladies.

So clean up your home, get rid of clutter, make sure there's nothing stored under your bed (passion killer), invest in good comfortable bedding, make sure you have a comfortable place to dine for two with dim-able lighting, have ample seating for two throughout your home and let go of old relationship memorabilia.  Also, watch your subject matter in art.  Lots of images of single women?  A warrior with a sword over your bed?  Look for themes in art and anything that stands out as odd.  Sound easy enough?  It is, just start.