Taking cues from fashion

Mix it up.  Look to interior design for direction on your personal fashion style or look to the fashion blogs for inspiration` on how to decorate your home.

Do you see a connection between this stunning, classic hallway (pure magic) and the woman on the right (amazing fashion blogger Tanesha from Girl With Curves).  Both images possess an emotion that is classic and familiar to us - black and white color scheme, recognizable shapes (a chiffon skirt, an archway, patterned floor)- but there's something subtly heart skipping about each image.  I think the orange top creates the contrast that makes this outfit stand out as does the grand scale and illusion-like quality of the grand hall. 

Of late I have been fascinated with the idea of elevating my look - fashion-wise.  I typically work from home and love pairing a dark wash denim jean with stylish flats and a cute top but sometimes a staple can turn into a rut. Looking at my living room it is clear that I personally connect to the feminine aesthetic- so why live in a pair of jeans?  This month my home has become my source of inspiration for bringing more feminine elements into my wardrobe.  You see, my home makes me feel empowered.  It's comfortable, quiet and designed the way I like it.  I want to walk around with more of that feeling.  Of course true self-worth it's cultivated from within but the power of a pair of heels, a dress you look great in can only enhance what you already possess.  In that sense design and fashion really are one in the same. They have the power to transform and in a very accessible way.









Similarly, the garment and the living room setting above share a sense of lightness, femininity, color palette and modern sensibility rooted in tradition.   Although the model's outfit is completely soft and flowing, there is a purposeful hardness to her body, expression, hairstyle and background set.  An empire waist and pleating gives the garment structure.   Well-designed spaces must also provide this balance of textures.  The softness of the sofa, pillows and overall color scheme, the angularity in the coffee table, geometric rug and styling of books, along with the loose whimsy of the blue painting share a similar feeling to the chiffon dress. 












I call the look above The Moody Bohemian.  It's my interpretation of glamorous, well-traveled, rich and relaxed confident woman - kind of like the spirit and energy that Diane Von Furstenberg emits.  Here's the fun thing about this whole fashion / interiors thing.  We can look to aspirational images of people we admire and at images of our dream homes and then simple add or enhance elements to our wardrobe or home to invoke that spirit.  It's about understanding what you want to feel more of.  I want to feel more glamourous, more feminine and frankly less work-mode and more playful as we get into the holiday season. But if I had to pick one style icon to serve as my muse, it would definitely be Solange Knowles.  I love her feminine yet artsy style (so me!)

(source) not Solange but equally fabulous

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