Minimalist Fashion


There's a delicate art in communicating the essence of something in as few strokes as possible.  


During the time that I worked with some of the finest furniture lines I would walk around the warehouse and look at pieces that had just come off the container.  Stunning wood grains, dusty grey colors, fine antique brass pounded into wave like patterns;  it was these experiences that changed me. Suddenly a beautiful slab of warm toned marble, polished and cool to the touch was everything.  I find the same fascination in clothing with the simplest cut.  

But simplicity can be deceiving.  

Watching years of Project Runway I've learned a thing or two about fashion and these garments show a mastery of skill -  a strong silhouette, great construction and exceptional textile selection.

How to Get the Minimalist Look


Limit Your Color Palette

Limit an outfits color palette to 2-3 colors.  Classic black, white and a neutral like camel are timeless and sophisticated.  Fashion should speak to who you are so if you love color consider softer colors like mint greens and pale pink as a nice spring time look.  Restraint is key with the minimal look.

Find Your Silhouette

Some people look great in an A-line skirt and others look huge.  Spend time understanding what works on your body and find garments that are easy to move in and fit well.  Play with volume and remember that balance is key.  A slim pant can take a more voluminous top.  The minimalist look should feel effortless and chic.

Focus on Quality

Garments of lesser quality compensate with lots of details that distract you from inferior fabric or design.  Generally natural fibers (linen, wool, silk) fare better than synthetic.  Fabric should also have a good hand (how it feels to the touch).  I also prefer garments that don't require having to wear specific undergarments because the material is too thin or see through as a result of poor quality.

Count Your Accessories

Before you leave the house do a once over.  Take away anything that doesn't add to the outfit.  Focus on featuring one piece of jewelry - one amazing ring, one necklace or pair of earrings.  Never all three.  Keep it simple.

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