Are you living intentionally?


Do you live intentionally or do you feel like life is just happening to you?  The essence of living intentionally is about being aware of why you do the things you do and making choices that support your values.


There is no one way to live an intentional life because it reflects your own unique values.  My pursuit of design has led me to live in beauty because I understand how our homes affect us emotionally.  

But better spaces are only one part of a larger picture.  

Live with Less But Better

Simplicity is an essential part of intentional living.  Becoming more conscious of clutter makes you more aware of why you bring new things into your home.   Have pride in your home no matter how small or large and know that any space can be elegant.  Edit constantly.  Allow yourself to invest in fewer but better quality pieces.    Practice being okay with letting go.  Do not consume mindlessly.

Take 100% responsibility

When it's someone else's fault you completely give your power away.  Taking 100% responsibility for your life allows you to learn from mistakes and make a different choice next time.  You can't control the actions of others but you can choose how you react.

Failure is a part of Success

Failure means you're taking risks.  For all of us dreamers, entrepreneurs and creative wanderers we must recognize that a life without failure means that you're living too small.  Mistakes give you an opportunity to try something different next time.

Don't compare yourself to others

The quickest way to misery is to compare yourself to others.  We really have no idea the challenges that most people face.  Facebook and Instagram only show one, often happier side of the story.  Choose yourself and your own path.

Create more than you consume

Beyonce has the same amount of time in a day as you do.  You can easily lose time consuming other peoples ideas through watching tv, trolling the internet, checking Facebook, answering emails etc.  Consciously spend more time everyday creating and developing your own ideas than you do others.  

Give up on perfection

Waiting for perfection leads to procrastination and dissatisfaction.  People who put ideas out there are more likely to make things happen and get opportunities.  If something is not good enough take a break and come back to it in a day or two.