A Statement Entryway


Make a great impression and inspire yourself every time you come home by putting some effort into your entryway.  Even if your front doors opens right up into your living room (like mine) you can still add welcoming elements that set the tone for your home.

Functional is Beautiful

Who says you have to hide all your coats and hats.  Install a few attractive hooks or use a sculptural hat tree and display interesting outerwear.  I love straw hats and wicker. They are neutral/ textural and function as art on their own.


Define with a Rug

A rug is essential and helps define the entryway and keep grime out of the rest of your home.  Get something durable like wool with a pattern and color that will hide dirt.


Add Statement Lighting

If your entryway has a dedicated light fixture try replacing it with a pendant or chandelier.  Flea markets or lighting stores that specialize in vintage lighting are an excellent source to find sophisticated one of a kind fixtures at very reasonable prices.  If no overhead fixture exists, consider wall sconces or a beautiful table lamp.  You can leave the light on to create a warm glow of light that will spill into the living room.


Try a Round Table

In lieu of a traditional console or even a simple wall mount ledge sometimes a relatively open foyer calls for a round table (so chic!).  Look for something sculptural with a pretty base or try a simple skirted table.  Finish the look with a dramatic flower arrangement for easy glamour.