Art Inspired by French Textiles

Natural Curiosities is one of my favorite sources for high quality art..  I fell in love with these prints right away.  I've never met a botanical print I didn't love.  

Of course I was not surprised when I learned that they were taken from a series of French textiles.

The black graphical element of these pieces makes them modern.  The botanical illustration and hand writing reminds me of the many linen handkerchiefs that I collected from my grandmother - who also shared a love for linens and textiles.  NC offers them at generous 42x52 size and frames them impecabbly.  I love the detail of the linen frame behind glass.  It's large scale makes it a commanding piece in your home.  

Just ONE large piece of art that's meaningful and you love can make all the difference in a room.

This would be a wonderful addition in a modern room shaken up with a few antique or vintage pieces.  Contrast of style of art and furniture is what will create the dynamic interplay in a space.