Floor Plans That Work

Tip #1:  The Power Position

 A CEO would never place their desk with their back to the door and neither should you when laying out a room.

sofa is in the power position

Tip #2:  Conversational Seating

According to studies, the most comfortable seating position is when two people are seated at 45 degree angles.  


Prominent pieces of furniture such as the sofa, bed or desk, should be placed on or near the wall furthest from the door but within clear view of it.  This is called the power position, and it minimizes the unconscious feelings of insecurity - such as someone walking up behind you.  In this living room the fireplace is located on the power wall, so the sofa must be placed in an alternative location with the same benefits.  At first glance you may be tempted to place the sofa to the immediate left of the entry door, but in doing so it puts you in a weaker position and forces disproportionate use of the left side of the room leaving the right underutilized.  

Why this works:

  • The sofa anchors the room with a clear view of the door & you can enjoy the fireplace or watch tv
  • The tv is not the first thing you see when you enter the room
  • Three different seating zones are created
  • A large rug defines the seating area
  • A sideboard with two lamps and a mirror are placed directly to the left of the entry providing a landing strip for keys, mail and storage

Have you ever tried to sit on a sofa with two other people and have a conversation?  It's awkward.  How about sitting directly opposite of someone - that's a more competitive position.  Throughout your home it's important to think of creating zones with furniture where different activities can take place within a space.  This is an especially useful tip for single people who are looking for love.  In the homes of people who have been single for long periods of time you might find a lack of conversational seating. 


Why this works:

  • The sofa is in the power position and can see the television and all the seating in the room
  • Zone 1 is created between the sofa and the arm chair
  • Zone 2 is created between the sofa and desk
  • Zone 3 is created between the chaise lounge and the other seating in the room.
  • Optional floor poufs can be used opposite the sofa for impromptu seating