My shoot with Apartment Therapy


A few months back I was published on Apartment Therapy's House Call and a short time later I got an email from the editor inviting me to have my home photographed for their House Tour.  Of course I said yes immediately - and then did a little freak out because I knew I had to get my ish together and work on my kitchen & bath - two spaces that weren't really designed.  I needed all kind's of little things - new drapes in the bedroom, a floor mirror, art, a mirror in the kitchen....etc. and I needed it budget friendly and to reflect my vision.  The last thing I wanted was to try and fake stuff for a shoot or buy things that weren't really me - so opposite of what I talk about in my minimalism videos.  


Milo matches my living room!

My bedroom finally feels complete!

A shot of my mantle

A hanging fern and mood board over my tub.


Even though it sounds glamorous (and it is and I am very grateful!), styling for a shoot especially when you're living in the space can be backbreaking work.  Due to my schedule and other projects I'm working on I saved all the cleaning for the night before - reserving the day for buying & styling flowers at the mart, picking up art, drapes, styling shelves, doing some test shots, figuring out my outfit for the portrait etc.  

How funny would it be for every self-serving Facebook update:  "Getting ready for my photo shoot!"  to counter it with the flip side of the reality of the hard work that goes in to creating beauty on a deadline... "on my hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor at 10pm on a Friday night!"  

40 minutes before the photographer was scheduled to arrived I decided to DIY a rope plant holder to hang my fern above my tub as shown above (ha!) and was furiously unfurling thick sisal rope into 8 thin strands to hand knot really was almost ridiculous to be attempting this.  I had a chair propped in the tub so I could figure out where to place the ceiling hook and as I lifted up the plant the pot slipped out and broke on the floor with dirt and broken ceramic everywhere...Ha!  Buuuttt, in the wise words of Tim Gunn, "designers, make it work!" And that's just what I did...I found the last plant pot I had, hung it, cleaned up and got dressed.  And it all worked out in the end.

The photos posted above are some shots I snapped with my iPhone but the final shots were taken by the very talented Monica Wang.  I'm excited to share those with you when the tour is posted but for now I'm taking a much needed break in my sparkly clean home where I'll most likely be marathon watching Breaking Bad.  Yay!