Is your home a match to love?


Happy Valentine's Day!

I just finished season one of “Being Mary Jane” and I'm in love with her glamorous mid-century house!  In one of the scenes her ex shows up unexpectedly, looking for sex. Before she can let him in she runs around tearing down quirky post it note affirmations and hiding unmentionables.

And it got me thinking, if your dream guy were to show up at your door, would you be ready to let him in?

Whether you're looking for love, coupled or healing from a recent breakup, you can combine clarity (of what you want) with small actionable steps that will shift the energy of your space to better represent where you want to go.

It's kind of like the law of attraction for your home.

And when you understand how your home can support your deeper needs, you stop buying the wrong things.


If you're single: Create Space

If you met your dream partner today would you have the space and environment to invite them into? Or would you be running around hiding weird books, apologizing for the mess and kicking yourself for not having dimmable lighting?

  • Completely clear out an empty one nightstand (make sure you have one on each side of your bed to represent partnership)

  • Does your living room have a few places for two people to sit together?

  • Does your artwork scream singleton. Ie. Single women images everywhere?

  • Are your bookshelves stocked with books on how to find love?

  • Do you have a single coffee maker?


If you're coupled: Represent Each Other

If you're married or live together, one person tends to dictate the set up of the home. My parents have been married for over 30 years and there isn't a whole heck of a lot of things my dad has had a say in decor-wise. Giving a space or special mention to your partner is an act of love and respect.

  • What special space can you carve out in your home for your partner that's just theirs? A comfy man chair that's stylish? A nook with a desk overlooking the garden to write their novel?

  • Up the romance and connection by clearing your nightstands. 30 issues of Style magazine collecting dust at your bedside does not scream romance or connection.


If you're recently broken up: Reclaim Your Space

Breakups suck! Refresh your space to get the energy moving. The first thing I did after my breakup was get rid of the large Eames Chair and ottoman that had been his "command center."  I just couldn't look at that big empty chair.  Later I painted my dining room pink!  Something I'd put off for two years.

  • What's one thing you've always wanted to do to your space but hesitated because of someone else's taste/ preference etc.

  • Relocate/ remove/ get rid of any glaringly big reminders of a past love.  If you're not ready to let it go, box it up and store it in a garage etc.

  • Rearrange your bedroom, change your bedding, clear out space under your bed

  • Use this time to reinvent yourself and your space.

Your home does not have to grace the cover of Elle Decor to make an impact on how you feel and what you project to the world.  

Let me know in the comments below.  Does your home match your love life?  How has it evolved through your relationship status?.  What can you change to bring you closer to what you want right now?  

All images taken from the show.  Season 1 is currently on Netflix.