5 Creative Ways to Cultivate Style

While most of us can easily identify what we love and hate, the most common complaint I hear is "I don't know what my style is".

So how does one cultivate a personal style at home?


Personally, my style has evolved over the years. I've tried a lot of things, painted my walls turquoise and made mistakes over the years that I now cringe over.  But now I feel like I finally know what my style looks and feels like.

That means fewer mistakes, more clarity and no more wasting money on the wrong stuff.  Phew!  Read on for 5 creative ways to cultivate your own personal style at home.

#1  Pick an Icon - and study them

A icon is your style lighthouse in the middle of a I don't know what my style is ocean. Who's style do you absolutely adore?  Why?  For me, it's actress Tracee Ellis Ross.  If I break down her flawless style she's feminine, quirky and very put together -- but with a sense of ease.


Her funny, warm personality is what I'm always trying to convey in my home - uber stylish but not too uptight.  

I firmly believe that what you're attracted to you is often something you already have in your heart.  

Personally, I'm a really goofy, funny person - I secretly would love be a comedian.  She's eclectic and bold, but at the heart of her style she's classic. When I see pics of her home, I'm surprised how similar our tastes are.

#2  Analyze your "hell no" and "hell yes"

I would never feel completely comfortable in a Chanel suit. They're impeccable. They're just not me.  Even if you have no idea how to define your style yet, I'm pretty sure you know what you love and what you hate.

Analyze what you love right now in your home. Is it the shape, the color, the scale, how it looks in your home? What lights you up and what gives you nightmares?  As a rule (now)I try very hard only to purchase clothes and things for my home that are a CLEAR hell yes.  It's that fuzzy zone where it's okay, not really what you were looking for but the price is right where you can get you into trouble. I've been there many times and that's why this works. When you're learning to define your style it's important to take some risks and experiment - just do them with things that are clearly a yes for you.

#3  Find a Signature

Rather than trying to be amazing at everything, wouldn't it be easier to be known for doing one thing really, really well?  Same with your home. 

Take something personal you value and incorporate it into your home. 

It can be as simple as, always doing tone on tone pillows on the sofa or creating a compelling gallery wall that changes throughout the year.  

Maybe you're really into ceramics or collectibles that you display on sky high shelving.  

Photo by David Tsay

Photo by David Tsay


One of my signatures are brightly colored portrait paintings.  I don't know why I just love them. Your signature tells a story that is uniquely you and makes your home warm and personal.  

#4  Pick a color palette


Much like in fashion when you know what colors flatter you, your home should be no different.  Pick a few colors that you love together and use interchangeably. My colors rights now are pink, yellow, white, brown and black. You can play with different levels of saturation and hue but streamlining your home or a room in your home to a limited color story will help things stay cohesive.  Make sure to include neutrals.

#5  Whatever you like, keep it modern

Whatever your style, there's always a modern version. This means that you want to find current, fresh versions of your style that are timeless.  French country can be modern, fresh and relevant and so can log cabin chic. This can take time to train your eye but using Pinterest as a tool for studying and tracking what you like will ensure you'll have a constant stream of images that are current.

I've made a video detailing these tips.  You can watch it here.  Make sure to like & subscribe for more.


With style & gratitude,