Covering up a Mirrored Wall


Warning!  You're about to see behind the scenes photos of a project in process!


Here's the deal.  I've been working with a friend and client on her home over the past few months and the mirrored wall has been haunting me ever since I signed on to help.

As soon as you walk in you see yourself reflected in this oddly placed mirror which surrounds a fireplace you can't even see.

And it reflects EVERYTHING, including but not limited to the back of the television, the pile of receipts on the table AND the mirrored bar directly across from the hideousness, uggghh. Since it's a rental and basically cemented in we decided not to have it professionally removed.

Instead, we killed it with a genius product called Tempaper Wall Canvas which is a removable paintable wallpaper!

Can you see how much better it already looks?

Because of it's placement in the room and our plans for a large scale photograph above the sofa, we needed this wall the same color as the others, rather than introducing a new color or pattern with a traditional wallpaper.

I also got these pretty spotted urns to place on either side of the fireplace.  And we'll paint the hearth a deep charcoal color to ground it.


In a perfect world I would have had a professional camera crew document the process or at least had time to grab the good camera but I was so excited to get rid of this design crime we just decided to put it up together!

And I made a video about it.

As I was literally doing the hands on work for her (because she's my friend) and I love it, I realized this is my purpose...why I do what I do and teach in both my videos and the 30 Day Makeover Challenge - I am the motivator. ❤️❤️

I work hard, fast and I take great pleasure in making things look better.

I'm the person that helps you do the things you need to do with your home so you can enjoy it more - which inevitably makes your life better.

And this is exactly what you get when you take the challenge.

Motivation, support, ideas, encouragement to improve your home and make the changes that might be too intimidating or daunting to do on your own.

With the support of myself and our online community.

I'm your design coach.

As you can see, in my design life and this week's video I face everyday real life decorating challenges that I'm sure you can relate to!

And now is the perfect time to get'er done -- before the holiday season's upon us.

Registration for October Challenge is right around the corner so please stay tuned for all the details coming shortly.

And if you've already taken it - you're in!

Leave a comment below or on the video and let me know what change you would just loooovvvveee to make to bring a bit more beauty into your space this fall.

As always, it's all about progress not perfection.  

With style & gratitude,