Translate A Feeling into Design


Last month I consulted with a woman who said to me "when I get rich, I'll have fresh cut flowers in my house everyday". I thought, if being rich was equated with having fresh cut flowers – why not buy the flowers now so you'll feel rich? If we think about any desire, dream or goal, what we are really seeking is a feeling. In her case having more money translated to having more beauty in her home.


You can cultivate any feeling through the interior design of your space.  This applies to businesses as well.  For instance, there is a direct correlation between the prices at a nice restaurant and the level of design achieved.  Nicer spaces command higher prices.

Think Like A Set Designer

A set designer/ decorator works with the director and creates an environment based on a character. Look at the Sex and the City girls - four different characters have four distinctly different homes that reflect aspects of their personalities and backgrounds.  Many clients come to me and say that they know what they like but they can't decide how to put it together and get overwhelmed by the choices.  Take some time to think about how you most want to feel.  Write down those words.  How can they be translated to design choices?

How To Translate a Feeling Through Design?

Building on the example above we can translate the feeling of wealth through interior design.  I associate wealth/ rich with the following: choices, spaciousness, high-quality, clean, large-scale, curated, travelled, options, legacy, pleasant.  

At any budget these adjectives can be used as inspiration for design.  For example, you might group smaller items together to suggest curated and travelled (display your best and most cherished) or you might install a large-scale chandelier in your entryway or a huge piece of art, sculpture or plant in your living room.  Take care to buy higher quality special pieces less often and take away pieces that you don't love or don't work.

It takes time to curate your home and the more we relax into the process of trusting that we already know how we want to feel, the more you can make design choices that are authentic to your space.

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