Seeing his home for the first time


October has five Saturdays.

So I'm doing a bonus love seminar for Week 5 of the Challenge..."Decorate for Love".  ❤️

And it couldn't be better timed because...

I met someone.  

I am fully aware that if it doesn't work out, you will all know my business and I run the risk of disappointment and embarrassment.

But who cares!  When you take my challenge you are brave enough to share photos of your space - in whatever state they're in and ask for help.

There's vulnerability in this work - for all of us.  And it allows us to grow together.

So what does love and decorating have to do with one another?  Everything! This weekend I saw his home for the first time.  As a picky person this is always terrifying for me when I really like someone.  

And I was relieved...even though there were choices I wasn't fond of, the overall vibe suggested someone stable and together. And in the love seminar I will show you how to do a room scan to see potential red flags.  

Together, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Prepare your home for New Love

  • Discover How others Perceive You

  • Honor Your Partner through Design

  • Reinvigorate Your Bedroom

We'll set an intention for your space - whether that's calling in new love, healing from a break-up or reinvigorating the romance in your relationship.. 

We'll also take a look at the "Love & Relationship" area of your home and see what you've placed there and if it's congruent with what you truly want.

I'm gonna get whoo whoo with you because I believe in this stuff. Trust me.  I've had every scenario.  

From the time when I was single (and didn't want to be) and realized that every piece of art in my home was of a single woman...including this incredibly intimidating beaded door covering of Frida Khalo that led to my bedroom.  

Scary right?  Sometimes you can't see what so obvious to others.  

Your home is a mirror of your emotional life.  And what's so empowering is that while you can't control everything in this world (nor should you), making changes in your home from a space of awareness and intention creates an authentic foundation to welcome in the things you truly want life.

And if you want love, and you physically make space for it, you shift your awareness and step into the person that you'd need to be to bring it to you.  Make sense?

This is what I truly love about my work.  It's design, it's beauty, it's self-empowerment and ultimately it's self love. So much deeper than just shopping or decorating to impress.

If you're one of the hundreds of women who've already taken the challenge, you will get a chance to join the love seminar - so stay tuned.  And if you're new to the challenge, registration for the October Challenge is right around the corner so please stay tuned for all the details coming shortly.  

As always, it's all about progress not perfection.  

With style & gratitude,



P.S.  Let me know in the comments below where you are in love and what you would most want to cover in the "Decorate for Love" Bonus Seminar (only available through the Challenge)

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