January Favorites


What do messy rooms and lip stain have in common? Oh, just some of the things I'm currently obsessing over this month.

Messy Rooms?  Yes.


#1 Organized Chaos



Over the course of the last three years I went through my minimalist phase.  To be honest I've always been a neat nick, so it hasn't been that much of a stretch in learning to let things go.

But instead of the super minimal look I coveted so, I'm kind of into "organized chaos".  It's messier and just a bit more relaxed. But don't get crazy.  I'm talking mess with style.

Like Jenna Lyons inspiring office.  Isn't she the coolest?

#2 Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Next on my list this month is my yummy new Lip Stain. Literally.  It smells like birthday cake.


Over the holidays the new conveyer belt system at LAX literally flipped my beloved LV Neverfull upside down, dumped its contents...only to then get stuck between a plexiglass divider and another lane.  

Can you say design fail?

A very unknowing TSA agent then violently pulled it free.  So bottom line, my lipstick fell out and is gone forever (maybe it made it's way to the Bahamas on another flight??!!).   


So I popped into Sephora this week and picked up this new line of matte lip stains in the oddest color - Coral Sunset.  The color stylist recommended it.  I like!

#3  Big Ass Earrings

I love statement earrings...helllooooo!  And I'm absolutely loving these from jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown.  God they are so me!  Big, geometric, abstract, minimal - that's me! These are a hell yes for me and next on my list.

#4 My High-end Dog Steps

My next fav, I'm super proud of.  Custom dog steps I designed for the discerning design lover.

I have a high bed...nothing crazy but it's tall enough that my little prince must be hand carried into it.  More disturbingly though is the somewhat violent plunge he takes every morning jumping off of it.

Chihuahuas are prone to hip problems and risking his health just wouldn't do.  Plus I think it adds some nice pattern + dimension to the room.

This is the large size suitable for a +/- 30" high bed

This is the large size suitable for a +/- 30" high bed


They are made from high density foam with a removable and washable cover.  Nice right?  No ugly steps, no stubbing your toe and they solve a problem.  I'm working on bringing them to market.

#5 Almost Black Nail Polish

Colder weather calls for darker colors.  I'm usually a deep pink girl in warmer months but right now I'm loving Sally Hansen Pat on the Black.  It feels right for winter.  


I made a short Youtube vid on this month's favs.  You can watch it here.


Let me know what your obsessing over in the comments below. Hope your 2017 is starting out fabulous.  

More to come.

With style & gratitude,