The Ugly Side of Shopping


I used to be obsessed with HGTV.  What's more fun than watching a makeover show wrapped into 30 minutes of perfect choices.  

What's edited out are mistaken orders, things out of stock and countless hours putting together the right combo...some stuff used in the reveal is even returned after the shoot!

As someone who has actually worked on these shows both on and off camera...there's a lot of leg work that goes into the final result.  

So if you're struggling to put your own space together, just remember, that even the best of us waste (I mean spend) countless hours hunting for the perfect items for their project.

This week I invite you behind the scenes as I shop for my client project.  Most of the time I'm faced with the same challenges as anyone.  Limited budget, working with existing pieces, having to search high and low for specific things I can't easily find.

I shop vintage, a lot.  But as you can see in the video those shops are not only filled with potential great finds - there's a whole lot of junk.  You have to be careful.  

Or your intentions for a nicer space take you down the hoarder path.


So before you head out the door to see what's new at Target or the local Goodwill, I've got three quick shopping tips before you start:

#1 Know What you Need

Get clear on the best layout.  Before you shop -- rearrange your room.  Then assess what's missing.  Make a list and write down basic dimensions of what you're looking for before you leave the house.


#2 Pay Attention to Scale

Giant sofa, tiny table.  When the scale of your room is off it lacks balance.  Many times you have to go bigger when it comes to art, mirrors, lamps etc.  Design is like geometry.  The overall shapes need to relate.


#3 If you have to change your whole world don't buy it

Stick to your list.  Sometimes you come across something really cool. But it's not what you need, not what you were looking for, or doesn't match your initial design plan.  If you have to change too many things to make it work it's probably not worth it.  Learn to walk away.

These principals and more are essentially what we cover in the challenge in an easy to follow, step by step process.

As always, it's all about progress not perfection.  

With style & gratitude,


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PPS.  Leave a comment on the video and let me know where you struggle the most when it comes to shopping for your home.