You are so ready to embrace your inner It Girl

and I’m here to help you discover her.  Hi, I’m Baiyina (pronounced Bye-ee-na) and I help women all across the US navigate the design process by discovering their true decorating style.

Let’s be honest, isn’t it just the most annoying thing to love something in the store and be completely let down when you take it home ?

In the world of decorating, do you ever feel overwhelmed with  everything out there?

I soooo know how you feel.

In my early years of decorating I bought virtually all of my furniture at vintage stores and flea markets.  And yes there were some cool finds but lots of mistakes too. 

I was in the experimentation phase – the result?  Too many things of different styles. 

It was only when I went back to basics and treated my own home like I would a client did I get crystal clear on my decorating style – ultimately giving me a more cohesive look and a ton of confidence.

In fact, I took everything I learned and created my first and most popular (& fun!) online decorating course, The 30 Day Makeover Challenge which was featured Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.

With a degree in design from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, 12 years hustling on my own and working for some of the most highly respected luxury brands in the industry, my greatest joy is to share everything I’ve learned and help women transform the way they think about design.

My work has  been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Apartment Therapy, LA Times, Ventura Magazine, including several design shows for the Style Network, TLC and A&E.

I currently live in Los Angeles in my never quite done vintage apartment with my crazy, lovable chihuahua Milo.