I can't believe this is my home!

I keep walking around saying I can’t believe this is our home! Before you suggested the navy blue, silk drapes and rug our living room felt cold and exposed. The colors works perfectly and now my hubby and I feel like this is home.

Naheed Carter, Los Angeles, CA

Match made in design heaven!

We are so in love with our home and we had an absolute blast working together.  Our styles are so similar.  Every time people come over they are obsessed with our vintage moroccan rugs and of course the kitchen!  

Diana & Osorio Jackson, Nashville

Working with you was a bright light!

Baiyina, I have to tell you that working with you was the bright light in a year that was challenging. I think our work styles really clicked and your input was invaluable.  I really love the house and think I tell my husband that about once a week.  Thank you for making that happen.

Diana & Larry Israel, California

The entire process was easy!

Baiyina delivered a modern design with rich looking pieces and took great diligence in making sure the entire design process was easy from start to finish. She clearly cares about her work and her client’s satisfaction. Simply put: she’s great!


Jennifer Mussleman, Santa Monica, CA

It's the most beautiful room in our house!

Thank you for creating the perfect room for us!  The result is PERFECT. You turned a chaotic storage room into a beautiful and welcoming space. Your eye for detail and real understanding of our needs and style created a room that is both the most beautiful room in the house and the perfect fit for our needs.

James & Kari Grey, San Francisco, CA

It was very doable & budget friendly!

All I can say is Wow! You have done a fantastic job. You figured us out and set a plan in motion. This is very doable and budget friendly. I can’t wait to send you photos of the finished product !! You are truly gifted.

Monica Charbeneau, Phoenix, AZ

We get compliments all the time!

Baiyina did a beautiful job on our home so now we get this great feeling every time we walk into our home, and it makes a dramatic impact on our guests. We get compliments on it every time we have company. I can’t overstate how grateful we are for Baiyina’s work.

The Jansens, San Mateo, CA

We doubled our storage!

Baiyina was a hardworking, experienced, and dedicated professional who transformed our daughter’s very juvenile room to a sophisticated, grown up one fit for a 16 year old girl. She created a budget for us, shopped for furniture, rugs and incorporated our wishes for an enlarged closet, giving us detailed print outs of her plan. She was knowledgable, informative, & kind.”

Ted & Wanda Levatter, North Hollywood, CA